About us

This vast universe is shrinking by advanced communication system. Relationship, whether personal or commercial is becoming easier and simpler, language is no bar in this. Undoubtedly English and Urdu are popular languages across the world. People unfamiliar with one language use translation services as a bridge to cross over the other side. What is needed in this path is clear, complete and comprehensiveness to transform the ideas and message with word and spirit.

Translationsonline.com is a catalyst much reliable, trusted and tested service, referred to time and again by our clients. Promptness, punctuality and professionalism are our hallmarks. That’s the reason why ‘once a client is always a client’ with us.

News, articles, documents and books translation from English to Urdu and vice verse, similarly hand bills, broachers and folders translation and preparation are taken up.

Some of our clients
Bookware, Faham Books, publication houses. Karnataka Muslims, a news portal and fortnightly English tabloid. Mass Communications, an advertising and marketing firm. Airwaves, an audio-visual agency, imagine360.net a web development company.